Blunt Reviews Presents: Her (2014)


A beautifully written delicate masterpiece from Spike Jonze, a harsh but realistic look at the power of love. It is an emotional journey we are taken on, through new found love, the challenges of love and previous heartbreak but it is all wrapped in this script that is perfectly constructed. It is funny in places which is good but the way it addresses love as something that isn’t just about physical factors is admirable. I think it is inspiring to show how two characters fall in love simply by talking, whilst also showing how love changes and inevitably breaks individuals.

Blunt Reviews Presents: Philomena (2013)


Simultaneously heartbreaking and uplifting, Philomena showed the world the true story of a mother’s pain and desperation against what can only be described a pure evil. Co-writers Steve Coogan and Jeff Pope formed a fantastic script that carried real comic value but also emotional weight which was superb. Judy Dench’s performance brings a tear to the eye as she plays the lead role so brilliantly. And to be honest I admire the film for openly challenging religion and exposing what a force of evil it can be. Hats off to the newly Oscar nominated Mr Coogan. Loved it.

Blunt Reviews Presents: 12 Years A Slave (2014)



If there is a piece of modern cinema perfection it is this film. Telling one of the most important stories ever to be shared, with an outstanding cast, beautiful cinematography and helmed by an artistic director who understands film, this was utterly flawless. Hard hitting and brutal, this was a film that didn’t shy away from the raw monstrosity that is human behaviour. It is not only a fantastic film but it is an important film. It’s a story everyone should hear so that we all know Solomon Northup as the inspiring person he was and to keep his spirit alive.

Blunt Reviews Presents: Dallas Buyers Club (2014)



The McConaissance exists and this is hard evidence. An outstanding lead performance from the man that previously brought us Sahara to play such a powerful role in a really interesting and moving film. Telling a true story of one determined man who wanted to battle against illness, inevitable death and the higher authorities to make a difference, it is not only brilliant but uplifting too. Jared Leto is nothing special and didn’t deserve the award but the cast as a whole help to hold this well written film very tightly together. Inspirational, funny and heartbreaking, I loved every minute.

Blunt Reviews Presents: American Hustle (2014)

Christian Bale;Amy Adams

For a film with as many talented names in the credits I expected more. I think it is well written in terms of screenplay, balancing comedy and drama quite nicely. The story is interesting, adapted partially from real events and supposedly real people. It is a visual delight with heavy focus on outfits and hair styles but this isn’t enough. It makes it a film meringue; it looks nice on the outside but has very little substance. The cast is utterly superb but the structure doesn’t hold, which is a real shame from a writer I admired in the past.

Blunt Reviews Presents: Saving Mr. Banks (2013)

saving mr banks 3


An outstanding piece of cinema with Emma Thompson giving the performance of a career. The film knows exactly where its heart is, which is firmly in the right place. It’s a superb piece of story telling with a moving true story and fantastically written screenplay to accompany it. The original score composed by Thomas Newman is mixed with soundtrack inputs from cast members to make it sound perfect to accompany being aesthetically pleasing. Every element is completely polished and pristine and the dual narrative structure works perfectly. Both heartwarming and touching, it’s undoubtedly a modern masterpiece.

Blunt Reviews Presents: Nebraska (2013)


A perfect example of why the Oscars do not matter. With six nominations and no wins this film shows that it is utterly brilliant and triumphs above many others from this year. This simple black and white film about family and reflectiveness is both funny and touching; a perfect balance of comedy and pathos. Bruce Dern is fantastic in the lead role as an older man who is confused generally but wants to go on one last adventure and stick it to life. With a lot of heart and substance this screenplay heavy film is very impressive.

Blunt Reviews Presents: Gravity (2013)


To borrow the words of Foo Fighters “I love it but I hate the taste”. I wouldn’t say it is perfect but it’s not particularly bad. As a piece of cinema it works and visually it is stunning, but in terms of screenplay, story and substance it is extremely hollow. I just felt the film, in particular the screenplay need a bit of a kick to make it that bit more interesting. It is an incredibly impressive piece of cinema and one that should be admired for its beauty, however I would be lying if I said I fully enjoyed it.

Blunt Reviews Presents: Captain Phillips (2013)

Tom Hanks


Paul Greengrass returns to the director’s chair on top form with this true story of courage in the face of danger. It is a fantastic piece of storytelling with well written screenplay to accompany such strong characters. The cast is outstanding, with Tom Hanks giving a praise worthy performance. However the real talent in this instance is new comer Barkhad Abdi who is more than a match for Hollywood heavyweights as one of the best villians in modern cinema. It is perfectly paced to keep the tension at the right level to make an all round entertaining experience.

Blunt Reviews Presents: The Wolf of Wall Street (2014)


A film that shows the true story of Jordan Belfort in the most explicit manner possible. It’s a film containing sex, drugs and everything in between. It starts off up to eleven and does not back down at any point which is problematic. The one strong point is the acting but other than that there’s not much worth liking. The screenplay is overloaded with unnecessary swearing and the visual style crosses the border from showing a certain lifestyle to celebrating this lifestyle. Not Scorsese’s finest moment. It’s just uncomfortable over indulgent partying with a total lack of discipline.