Blunt Reviews Presents: Under the Skin (2014)

under the skin

Jonathan Glazer directs this delicate science fiction film that divided audiences. Personally I thought it was incredible, a really gritty and interesting film that explores issues around gender and identity, whilst providing a twisted narrative. There’s much debate over which parts of the film were planned and which were genuinely improvised interactions with random members of the public, but this adds to how haunting and mysterious the film is. The cinematography is beautiful, with shots of the natural world juxtaposed with shots of city landscapes, which are both accompanied by the score from Mica Levi which is utterly perfect.

Blunt Reviews Presents: Nightcrawler (2014)


Writer Dan Gilroy returns to deliver a phenomenal piece of cinema that he also directed. Nightcrawler is a dark look into the slimy side of news broadcasting, focusing on one individual intent on becoming a success by any means. Jake Gyllenhaal stars in his best acting role yet as we see him completely immersed into the role of an obsessed, and often troubled individual. This is by far Gilroy’s best screenplay as it is intelligently written, which accompanies the dark and gritty nature of the film perfectly. It’s fast paced and an exciting film that will both impress and infuriate.