Blunt Reviews Presents: Deadpool (2016)


I am beyond relieved to say that this is genuinely a great film. It’s well paced, fantastically written, and the directing is superb. Ryan Reynolds was born to play Deadpool and his passion for the source material really shows in his work. What I admire most is that this is Tim Miller’s first feature length film as director, and he absolutely nailed it! We trusted an unknown director to make an R-rated film from one of our favourite characters, and it resulted in a brilliantly executed action film that’s indescribably funny from the opening credits. Basically, no complaints from me!

Blunt Reviews Presents: Spider-Man (2002)


I admire this film for a number of reasons, mostly because it still stands as one of the best comic book films we’ve been given. Sam Raimi is a fantastic filmmaker and he cares about the source material, and that’s what makes the film so good. The passion he’s had since a child for the character of Peter Parker really comes through in his work for this film because it means so much to him. I think the cast is superb, the action sequences are well directed, and the film is written as a character heavy piece which works perfectly.

Blunt Reviews Presents: Iron Man (2008)

iron man

This is the film that modern audiences deserve, a solid blockbuster that isn’t rubbish. It doesn’t seem like too much to ask, but so many films before and after this have failed to please. Thankfully Jon Favreau came along to direct one of the best standalone Marvel films I’ve had the pleasure of watching. It introduced the character of Tony Stark perfectly, making him accessible for non comic book geeks, whilst also pleasing those who have read the comics for years. It has well directed action sequences, funny screenplay, strong characters and half decent acting, what’s not to like?

Blunt Reviews Presents: Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

captain america

I think we can all agree for once and say that this film was a bit rubbish, right? Everyone was excited, it looked like it could be a genuinely good blockbuster that introduced us to one of the long awaited additions to the Marvel cinematic universe, and then it hit cinemas like a fart in a elevator. It was nice to see the character of Red Skull finally making it to big screen, and I understand the comic book style they were aiming for, but fucking hell this film was cheesy. Let’s all just be thankful the sequel was awesome.

Blunt Reviews Presents: The Wolverine (2013)

the wolverine

Have you ever seen a film that was middle of the road territory? A film that wasn’t good or bad or particularly important, so when someone asks you how it was your response is “it was alright.” That’s The Wolverine in a nutshell. It’s nothing awful but at the same time it’s nothing groundbreaking. It was nice to see the character of Wolverine put back into caring hands that won’t tarnish the name, but still the film lacked interest. I suppose it was for fans. You missed the character, so they sent him on holiday with you to Japan. Cute.

Blunt Reviews Presents: Thor: The Dark World (2013)

thor 2

This is better than the first film, but it still doesn’t really amount to much. It’s entertaining, I will not deny that for a second, but it doesn’t really hold any significance. With this film we’re already at the stage where all of the Marvel films are tying together and link to form a chain, but this film feels like it linked onto an existing part instead of forming its own, so it’s just hanging at the side trying to fit in. I like that Marvel are still charging through with the more cosmic films, but this ultimately is forgettable.

Blunt Reviews Presents: Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

edge of tomorrow

The film feels very reminiscent of a number of other films, like Groundhog Day mixed with Aliens, but thankfully it does feel like a new and unique experience in its own right, without feeling like a rip off. Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt work perfectly together as the leading roles, with a supporting cast that’s less annoying than the usual ensemble thrown together for an action film. Seldom unintelligent with the right balance of humour, I actually quite liked this film. It wasn’t perfect and there are elements that need tweaking, but overall it hangs together as a solid blockbuster.

Blunt Reviews Presents: X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

x-men origins Wolverine

Gavin Hood directs one of the worst superhero films to have ever been made. When this film was released I was thirteen years old, and even then it managed to bore me senseless. It isn’t gritty or mature enough to handle the back story of a character as complex as Wolverine so what we have instead is a boring action film with tangents all over the place and visuals that make you question whether the film is actually finished. It is utterly without merit and is essentially the public execution of Marvel’s most popular character.

Blunt Reviews Presents: Thor (2011)


I admire Kenneth Branagh as a director and my inner geek openly welcomes new comic book films, but this didn’t really amount to anything. It fell into a category I have come to call “obligatory films” meaning that certain solo films are needed in order to introduce newer characters in The Avengers. They need a project that isn’t of any significance just to introduce a character before moving on to better things, hence the first Thor and Captain America films are average but their sequels after The Avengers are substantially better. Not completely without merit, but ultimately a guilty pleasure.

Blunt Reviews Presents: Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

age of ultron

I was worried this would still be the Iron Man show, like it’s predecessor, but I was pleased to find it was nicely balanced between characters both old and new. It obviously has frequent action sequences, which are smoothly directed and not too headache inducing. I really liked the social commentary; the discussion of technological advancements and our views towards defense programs, I just felt it needed more of this. Joss Whedon is still pleasing audiences with witty dialogue and a comic book visual style. The highlight for me is that FINALLY Paul Bettany makes an appearance in the flesh.