Blunt Reviews Presents: Aliens (1986)


I can’t lie, Aliens is great and I will forever respect and enjoy it. On a technical level this film is brilliant, and visually it holds up even thirty years later. However, what I dislike is that it removes the original vision Ridley Scott created in 1979. Instead of Scott’s delicate and chilling approach, this sequel feels like James Cameron charging into the room shouting “BANG! BANG! MARINES! CHIN-UPS! EXCITEMENT!” which for me makes the film less interesting. Don’t get me wrong, this is a masterclass in action film making, but it lacks the substance of good sci fi horror.

Blunt Reviews Presents: Hannah and Her Sisters (1986)

hannah and her sisters

I think this will always remain one of my favourite Woody Allen films. It’s a fantastic example of a comedy where every element is polished, not to perfection, but enough to make it a piece of cinema that really stands out. The cast works perfectly, giving excellent standalone performances, most notably from Michael Caine who is exceptional as a middle aged man struggling to contain his own emotions. What really stands out for me is the speech from Woody Allen’s character, Mickey, towards the end of the film, which will always be one of the most perfect moments of cinema.