Blunt Reviews Presents: Deadpool (2016)


I am beyond relieved to say that this is genuinely a great film. It’s well paced, fantastically written, and the directing is superb. Ryan Reynolds was born to play Deadpool and his passion for the source material really shows in his work. What I admire most is that this is Tim Miller’s first feature length film as director, and he absolutely nailed it! We trusted an unknown director to make an R-rated film from one of our favourite characters, and it resulted in a brilliantly executed action film that’s indescribably funny from the opening credits. Basically, no complaints from me!

Blunt Reviews Presents: Celebrity (1999)


I’m sure if I scratched below the surface I would find a perfectly fine and interesting film somewhere in Celebrity. However I’m unable to do that because on the surface I am distracted by the fact that throughout the film Kenneth Branagh persistently delivers one of the worse Woody Allen impersonations I have ever heard. I think the film is half decent, it appeared to be quite an interesting look into the world of Hollywood film making, and there’s a solid performance from a young Leonardo DiCaprio, but aside from that it feels like one of Woody Allen’s throwaway films.

Blunt Reviews Presents: Inland Empire (2007)

inland empire

As much as I like David Lynch, this is not his finest work. Some hailed it as his masterpiece, others tore it shreds, but personally I’m somewhere in the middle. There are elements that I like; I can’t fault the central performance by Laura Dern, but it’s not enough to fix the film. Most annoyingly it takes things I previously liked about Lynch, the ambiguity, the strange imagery, the confusing non-linear narrative, and it made me dislike them. I didn’t feel as angry other people, but I was certainly disappointed because I know Lynch is capable of so much more.

Blunt Reviews Presents: Cinderella (2015)


I can’t remember the last time I watched a film that had such exaggerated theatricality, and yet was so painfully dull. This is a wasted attempt by Disney to give a much loved classic a live action update. It’s annoying because the film is directed by Kenneth Branagh, who I actually like, so why is he anywhere near a project as dull as this? It feels like someone asked a plank of wood to direct a film starring bricks, just to shut kids up for a couple hours and earn Disney an Oscar nomination for Best Costume Design. It’s rubbish.