Blunt Predictions Presents: The Big Short (Trailer #2)


Release Date – January 2016

This already looks like the typical screenplay heavy Oscar bait, with multiple big named actors all competing to be the best on screen. However, that doesn’t mean it won’t be good. If Adam McKay can mature a little and take the story of this film seriously then this could be one of the most interesting this year has to offer. Already it looks like another attempt from Steve Carell to be seen as a serious actor, and the rest of cast don’t appear to be providing any groundbreaking performances. If it’s good then great, if it sucks, who cares? Next.

Blunt Predictions Presents: Ride Along 2 (Trailer #3)

ride along 2

Release Date – January 2016

Not that it needs saying, but this looks awful. It’s a bad sign when the trailer for a comedy doesn’t make you laugh. What’s annoying is that it’s obvious mainstream audiences will flock to see this, it’ll take millions at the Box Office, and before you know it in two years I’ll be writing my prediction for Ride Along 3. I know I should be open minded when approaching new films, but after watching the two and a half minutes of footage from the trailer, I would honestly rather make love to a cactus than see this film in its entirety.

Blunt Predictions Presents: X-Men: Apocalypse (Official Trailer)

x men apocalypse

Release Date – May 2016

At the moment the plot remains mostly a mystery, however based on this footage it is looking promising. It’s good to still see Bryan Singer’s name in the credits because at least the franchise is in good hands, and after the last installment it’s clear he’s moving it in the right direction. They’ve picked an interesting villain so presumably it’s going to be a rather large scale, however I’m worried there will too many set pieces and not enough substance. I’m also concerned about some casting choices and the level of cheesiness present, but overall it looks ambitious and fun.