Blunt Predictions Presents: The 5th Wave (Trailer #1)


Release date – January 2016

I don’t think it’s a good sign that I laughed during this trailer. It looks like the typical end of the world formula that Hollywood has been regurgitating for years, but this time with the addition of a not so star studded cast. There was nothing that grabbed my attention or sparked my interest, so it already seems both pointless and boring. I looked on IMDB, the film is 112 minutes long and yet I was bored by 2 minutes of footage in the trailer. I’m guessing that in a year this film will feature in supermarkets at the reduced price of £3.

Blunt Predictions Presents: Hail, Caesar! (Trailer #1)

hail caesar

Release date – March 2016

I can’t adequately express how excited I am for this film. I love the Coen Brothers, I love their sense of humour and their style, so I’m hoping this brings them back on top form. They’ve picked an interesting time period, focused it on Hollywood and added a mystery story, what’s not to like? The cast is superb, if you exclude Channing Tatum, but even then I think the Coens could get something good out of him. I have concerns it could just be a throwaway like Burn After Reading, but I’m pretty sure I will enjoy it either way.

Blunt Predictions Presents: Joy (Trailer #2)


Release date – January 2016

In terms of narrative I admit this looks interesting, however when you note the time of year and names credited it becomes apparent that this is essentially Oscar bait. When David O. Russell writes and directs a film starring Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper, it obviously won’t be a hit with mainstream audiences, but it will please the Academy, much like American Hustle. Although Jennifer Lawrence does look as though she is giving a brilliant performance, I fear this film is just another opportunity for the Academy to crawl up her arse, without offering anything new.