Blunt Reviews Presents: It’s a Wonderful Life (1946)

its a wonderful life.jpg

Frank Capra presents not only one of the best Christmas films of all time, but one of the most perfect films ever made. A film that is held together by an outstanding leading performance from James Stewart, in one of the most engaging and uplifting stories you’ll ever see in cinema. Every time I watch this film it reduces me to tears of joy and makes me feel more festive than any other film ever will. It is and always will be one of my all time favourite films, because it will never fail to make me feel happy.

Blunt Reviews Presents: A Christmas Carol (2009)

christmas carol.jpg

Robert Zemeckis returns to motion capture territory to deliver one of the most redundant adaptations of the Dickens classic, that makes you wish you were watching the far superior Muppet Christmas Carol. Jim Carrey is at the very height of overacting as we see him play numerous roles within the film, turning each character up to eleven and subsequently making them beyond annoying. Even the ambitious attempt at visual style is not commendable, as the whole film feels like a series of cut away scenes from an early 2000s Playstation 2 game. Loud and uninspired rubbish that simply is not funny.

Blunt Reviews Presents: Fred Claus (2007)

fred claus

It’s annoying to see so many talented people, such as Paul Giamatti, Kevin Spacey and Kathy Bates being sucked into the Hollywood tradition of making god awful comedies around Christmas time. Having Vince Vaughn as the titular character is enough to ruin the film, but why push some genuinely talented people on to the sinking ship? (no Kathy Bates Titanic related pun intended) It’s over the top and over sentimental drivel that’s designed to give parents a break for an hour and a half while their kids finally sit still. It’s not a Christmas classic, it’s a waste of time.