Blunt Reviews Presents: How the Grinch Stole Christmas (2000)


I know this is a contemporary Christmas classic we all love, but it becomes somewhat confusing when you consider the following:

  1. It was a winner at the 2001 Academy Awards
  2. Anthony Hopkins narrates
  3. Cindy Lou now sings for the Pretty Reckless – yeah we’ve all seen her topless…
  4. Jim Carrey had to train for the role with CIA operatives who specialise in withstanding torture
  5. This was brought to us by the acclaimed director of Apollo 13A Beautiful Mind and Rush. Why did he make this?

So basically it’s pure Dr Suess butchering, child star corrupting, comedian torturing, career threatening Christmas joy!

Blune Reviews Presents: Home Alone 2: Lost in New York (1992)

home alone 2

It’s the return of America’s worst parents, two of the flimsiest robbers with persistently underdeveloped back stories, and one of the most sadistic kids cinema has ever seen. If the plot for the first film annoyed you then rest assured because they went one step further this time, pinning the accidental loss of a child on a complete lack of security in American airports. And if this consumerist wet dream isn’t enough to piss you off already, just remember there’s a nice little cameo from Donald Trump, who surprisingly isn’t singing about a WHITE Christmas. Burn him with fire.