Blunt Reviews Presents: Iron Man (2008)

iron man

This is the film that modern audiences deserve, a solid blockbuster that isn’t rubbish. It doesn’t seem like too much to ask, but so many films before and after this have failed to please. Thankfully Jon Favreau came along to direct one of the best standalone Marvel films I’ve had the pleasure of watching. It introduced the character of Tony Stark perfectly, making him accessible for non comic book geeks, whilst also pleasing those who have read the comics for years. It has well directed action sequences, funny screenplay, strong characters and half decent acting, what’s not to like?

Blunt Reviews Presents: Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

captain america

I think we can all agree for once and say that this film was a bit rubbish, right? Everyone was excited, it looked like it could be a genuinely good blockbuster that introduced us to one of the long awaited additions to the Marvel cinematic universe, and then it hit cinemas like a fart in a elevator. It was nice to see the character of Red Skull finally making it to big screen, and I understand the comic book style they were aiming for, but fucking hell this film was cheesy. Let’s all just be thankful the sequel was awesome.

Some news for ‘Blunt Reviews’


Just a quick little announcement from me, nothing big but I just thought I’d let everyone know a couple of things.

Firstly I am currently working on making this blog easier to navigate. I realised that with more and more reviews being posted, pretty soon it was going to become a little bit difficult to find your way around on here. So for the past couple of days I’ve been toying around with different categories, meaning that ‘Blunt Reviews’ is now what many will know as a parent category. This means that within this category there are now smaller subcategories being made, based on year of release, genre, and various other ways of collecting groups of films together. For example this evening I started a collection for films within the Marvel cinematic universe, which can be found here:

It just makes things a little bit easier for the reader so they can navigate between categories instead of having to trawl through the same long boring list of reviews to find something. Hopefully over the coming weeks I’ll have more subcategories set up which will make things a lot more reader friendly.

Secondly it dawned upon me that at the end of this week (November 13th) it will be a year since I first announced I would be starting my ‘Blunt Reviews.’ It doesn’t seem like all that long ago and to most people it won’t matter, but I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank the people that are still reading the reviews I post. I doubted myself this time last year and I had planned to deactivate this blog, but the positive feedback I’ve gained for my reviews has really pushed me forwards to keep writing. I know some people have been reading this blog since the very beginning, and I am honestly so grateful for their time and support, but I also want to take this opportunity to thank all of my new followers that have joined me this past year. I’m glad that you liked what you read and decided to stay, so I’m going to keep writing for you guys.

Finally, and this isn’t as important but I thought I’d mention it anyway, over this past year I haven’t actually written all that many ‘Blunt Reviews.’ It was meant to be a new element to this blog and a lot of people seemed to like it, but I got so bogged down in personal matters that took up far too much of my time I really slipped out of focus with it and didn’t post even nearly as many as I should have done. That’s why I’m now going to be setting myself weekly targets to meet, to make sure I am consistently posting reviews, giving my followers more to read and hopefully more to enjoy. At the moment the categories I’m working on will look a little scarce but I’m hoping that over the next few months you’ll slowly start to see them filling up and expanding.

That’s all I really needed to say for now. If you have any categories you’d like to see started on this blog or if there are any films you think I should review then please feel free to leave a comment at any time and I’ll respond within twenty four hours. I’m completely open to new suggestions and I’m obviously trying to give followers what they want so please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time.

Thank you all again for your support over this past year, hopefully I should have something different lined up for the ‘Blunt Reviews’ one year anniversary by the end of this week so watch this space!

Blunt Reviews Presents: The Hurt Locker (2009)


I admit this film is hugely enjoyable and very well made, but I particularly admire it for two reasons. Firstly, it placed Jeremy Renner in a leading role and showed the world that he is an incredibly talented actor, worthy of the Academy Award nomination. Secondly and more importantly, it brought everyone’s attention to female directors. Kathryn Bigelow made history by becoming the only female to win under the Best Director category at the Oscars, for obvious reasons considering this is a fantastic piece of cinema. The pacing is questionable at times, but it’s still a thumbs up from me.

Blunt Reviews Presents: Killing The Softly (2012)

killing them softly

What I like most about this film is that it works well as a comparative piece. Director and writer Andrew Dominik made The Assassination of Jesse James a couple of years before, showing that he can master a three hour long epic. And then he made this, which showed he is capable of making a concise piece of cinema that has a lot of substance and character packed in and sealed tightly. It’s nowhere near as good as Jesse James but I think it works in its own way and it holds together as a solid film with many merits.

Blunt Reviews Presents: The Wolverine (2013)

the wolverine

Have you ever seen a film that was middle of the road territory? A film that wasn’t good or bad or particularly important, so when someone asks you how it was your response is “it was alright.” That’s The Wolverine in a nutshell. It’s nothing awful but at the same time it’s nothing groundbreaking. It was nice to see the character of Wolverine put back into caring hands that won’t tarnish the name, but still the film lacked interest. I suppose it was for fans. You missed the character, so they sent him on holiday with you to Japan. Cute.

Blunt Reviews Presents: Children of Men (2006)

Children of Men

Alfonso Cuarón directs and co-writes one of the best science fiction films you’ll ever see. For such a small scale and simple idea this film works perfectly within the genre. For me the standout contributor to the film is cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, whose work for this film helps to make the dystopian world hauntingly beautiful and actually quite scary. Lubezki is one of the greatest minds working in cinema, and as he has proven numerous times, he is at his best when collaborating with Cuarón. Some may find it boring, but it is an intelligently written and perfectly paced masterpiece.

Blunt Reviews Presents: Spectre (2015)

spectre 2

It’s difficult because I know I enjoyed Spectre, and it’s definitely a good Bond film, but I expected more from it after Skyfall set the standard so high. Unfortunately “good” is the most that can be said of this film. It was ultimately a disappointment, but an admirable one. Sam Mendes is still doing wonders as director, but for me there was too much box ticking and not enough development. It has all the cliché elements audiences typically associate with Bond, but it’s useless stapling those elements to a hollow shell. Most annoyingly, Christoph Waltz is a completely wasted talent.