Blunt Reviews Presents: The Hangover (2009)

the hangover

The first in a trilogy of unfunny, painfully dull so-called comedies. It couldn’t possibly be a film that gets funnier every time you watch it. That would imply that it was funny to begin with, which is impossible when you consider the fact that it’s a film that believes Mike Tyson butchering Phil Collins is funny. I like Bradley Cooper and Zach Galifiankis but why are they attached to this project? One dimensional characters, complete lack of humour, inconsistency, unrealistic timescale and a cameo that praises one of the most misogynist arseholes on the planet. Ha fucking ha, go away.

Blunt Reviews Presents: Thor: The Dark World (2013)

thor 2

This is better than the first film, but it still doesn’t really amount to much. It’s entertaining, I will not deny that for a second, but it doesn’t really hold any significance. With this film we’re already at the stage where all of the Marvel films are tying together and link to form a chain, but this film feels like it linked onto an existing part instead of forming its own, so it’s just hanging at the side trying to fit in. I like that Marvel are still charging through with the more cosmic films, but this ultimately is forgettable.

Blunt Reviews Presents: Love Actually (2003)


There’s a popular misconception that men hate this film, however I still maintain it is a solid romantic comedy that is hugely enjoyable. Richard Curtis is an outstanding writer, and this absolutely is one of his best films. The ambitious ensemble cast is fantastic, but there are some particularly brilliant performances from Bill Nighy, Andrew Lincoln, and Emma Thompson who has the best and most emotional scene of the film. What I like most about it is that it’s such a positive film, it’s one that fills a lot of people with happiness, including myself, so fuck the gender stereotypes.