Blunt Reviews Presents: Nymphomaniac Vol I & II (2014)

lars von trier

This troublesome project is definitive evidence of just how dull Lars Von Trier can be as a screenplay writer. I have no problem with filmmakers exploring sexuality, it is a genuinely fascinating subject, but there is a fine line between art and absurdity. This is absurdity. Von Trier’s directing style is excessive, particularly in regards to the explicit and quite frankly ridiculous sex scenes. More annoyingly it lacks any form of depth and the tone never settles, so the narrative buzzes around like a bluebottle for four hours, before leading to an ending I predicted in the opening ten minutes.

Blunt Reviews Presents: Looper (2012)


I’m a geek, so I admit I am somewhat predisposed to love science fiction films, especially ones that feature time travel. And yet Looper left me with with a feeling far from satisfaction. It was so awful I suddenly felt inclined to send the idiotic writers a series of letters consisting of completely incomprehensible gibberish and await a response. So when they eventually reply with an inquiry regarding the purpose and meaning of the letters, I would retort: “I’m sorry, is it annoying when someone wastes your time with incoherent writing that lacks structure, consistency and purpose?”

Blunt Reviews Presents: Limitless (2011)


There’s nothing I love more than a film presenting an intriguing concept, then draining it completely of any interest, before leaving the hollow carcass in front of me like a pet cat bringing a dead mouse to the backdoor. Or the writers could just think like intelligent beings. I didn’t mind the first half of the film, but after that it wanders off into stupidity and becomes boring and repetitive. I found it was one of the only times I was hoping for an addictive drug to kill the lead character so I could see the end credits arrive sooner.