Blunt Reviews Presents: Now You See Me (2013)

now you see me

A prime example of a film that is not only rubbish, but stupid rubbish. Loud, fast paced, unintelligent nonsense with an uninteresting screenplay and infuriating plotholes. I cannot possibly fathom why the cast agreed to take part in this film as they are all immensely talented and can do so much better. I like films about illusionists and I wanted this to be good, but with the director of Clash of the Titans at the helm I should have prepared for disappointment. If you want a clever film about magic watch The Prestige and avoid this film like the plague.

Blunt Reviews Presents: Blue Is the Warmest Colour (2013)


A problematic piece, but still one that’s very impressive. In terms of writing and acting this is one of the best films of our time, but the directing was troublesome. Abdellatif Kechiche’s directing style was incredibly pornographic and so many of the explicit sex scenes feel unnecessary. Sex isn’t needed to show the young couple are in love, the screenplay builds the picture perfectly. It’s a narrative based on an intense love that feels utterly realistic. From its creation right through to its inevitable destruction the romance makes for an intense emotional experience and an incredibly gripping piece of cinema.

Blunt Reviews Presents: Silver Linings Playbook (2012)


It will come as a shock to many but I really liked this film. I read the book and found it to be painfully boring and self indulgent, but the film is superb. David O. Russell deserves credit for adapting an awful book into a fantastic screenplay that is both funny and uplifting, with poignance in the right places. The cast is outstanding, with the show stolen by Jennifer Lawrence in her best role to date, but with O. Russell as director this is what we should expect. It’s a guilty pleasure, but an uplifting one.

Blunt Reviews Presents: The Notebook (2004)

the notebook

Boyfriends all over the world will be all too familiar with this film as it has plagued their evenings for over ten years. Many will seek to actively dislike this film, but personally I think I would dislike it more if it actually mattered. I have seen it multiple times, and honestly it is just so unimportant that I don’t feel the need to rant about it. It isn’t totally without merit, but ultimately it is badly written rubbish that has achieved popular status for whatever reason. For the rest of us, it is nothing short of insignificant.

Blunt Reviews Presents: Fury (2014)


David Ayer writes and directs this action drama set towards the end of WWII. I haven’t been a fan of Ayer in the past but this is his most promising piece of work. It’s not perfect, and some parts do feel as though a Film Studies student at university is attempting to remake Saving Private Ryan, but overall it is a solid film that balances action and drama in an acceptable manner. If anything I would argue that this film is unimportant; it was worth a watch but doesn’t hold up as anything significant or groundbreaking.

Blunt Reviews Presents: Second Coming (2015)

second coming

This is honestly one of the best films I have seen this year. Debbie Tucker Green writes and directs this intelligent drama centered around an unexplained and seemingly impossible pregnancy, and the impacts it has on various relationships. What I like best about this film is that it has an intelligent brain and a beating heart; it’s a challenging experience that asks you to think and make your own mind up, as opposed to giving you answers on a plate. It is delicate but complex, and with such a fantastic cast it makes for an intriguing and utterly gripping experience.

Blunt Reviews Presents: 500 Days of Summer (2009)


I’m not sure I would class this film as a comedy. That would imply that it’s funny. Having seen this film multiple times I can confirm that it is not funny, not even amusing, but rather it is infuriating. There is not a single character that I liked or connected with, which wouldn’t be a problem if there were other things to like about it. The acting? Mediocre. The style? Quirky but nothing unique. The screenplay? Painfully dull and massively unfunny. Overall it feels like Annie Hall, carved out into a hollow shell and then filled with baby vomit.