Blunt Reviews Presents: The Zero Theorem (2014)

zero theorem

Terry Gilliam returns as director with this obscure sci fi centered around a theorem, which if solved, proves all of exist is worth nothing. It’s an interesting concept and as we would expect the visual style is very impressive, however it did not feel as good as it could have been. I absolutely love Terry Gilliam and so I still enjoyed this film thoroughly, mainly because it was interesting. If I’m going to see a quirky and intellectually perplexing film that asks philosophical questions without holding together properly, it would have to be made by a genius like Terry Gilliam.

Blunt Reviews Presents: Man of Steel (2013)

man of steel

Superman has once again been brought to the big screen, this time with Zack Snyder as director. In the past I didn’t like Snyder or his films so I thought this would be the one to change that for me. How wrong I was. Snyder once again managed to prove why he shouldn’t be trusted with making comic to film transferals. After killing Watchmen stone dead it was obvious he is a style over substance filmmaker, and not in a good way. It’s a baggy, hollow shell of a film that is tedious, loud stupidity for the duration.

Blunt Reviews Presents: Fast & Furious 6 (2013)

fast and furious 6

I don’t care about the box office figures, they need to stop making these films. This installment was worse than the others because they keep turning up the stupidity and making it louder. Action is not a stupid genre so can this tedious franchise stop yet? Justin Lin surely has enough money by now to just stop directing films altogether. It’s like a meringue covered in crap; low in substance and leaves a bad smell. I couldn’t give a shit if they keep using the word “family” because it means nothing. They all need to grow up and move on.

Blunt Reviews Presents: True Grit (2010)


The Coen Brothers return to serious territory as they deliver one of the best modern western films since Clint Eastwood’s Unforgiven. Drawing inspiration from the original source material and the film from 1969 this is a solid western for modern audiences, but what’s best is the Coen Brothers ultimately leaving their mark and adding elements based on their own style. The cast is fantastic as one could expect, along with a phenomenal screenplay that accompanies such strong and memorable characters perfectly. The whole film has a dry, crisp feel as the period details are perfected and the genre mastered.

Blunt Reviews Presents: Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (2014)

sin city 2

A perfect example of how bad a sequel can be in comparison to the first film. We all know the original, we all love the original, so can someone please explain to me what happened? It feels like a film that is compiled of unused footage from the original that’s stitched together to make a vague plot that doesn’t interest anyone or add to a bigger picture. Some elements are half decent, but ultimately it feels too forced and is trying to cling onto the style of the original, with no success. Not Mr Rodriguez’s finest moment I’m afraid.

Blunt Reviews Presents: Magic in the Moonlight (2014)

D12_DSCF9159 (EW).JPG

Woody Allen continues with his impressive and consistent flow of work with his latest feature starring Colin Firth and Emma Stone. Having made some of the best films of all time (Annie Hall, Midnight in Paris etc) it is easy for Allen’s now yearly films to fall into mediocrity, which is ultimately the case here, but that does not mean the film is without merit. It’s interesting to see such a different romance film that asks if love can transcend our beliefs, whilst presenting charming characters in an intriguing historical context. It’s not groundbreaking, but it is lighthearted fun.