Blunt Reviews Presents: American Sniper (2015)

american sniper

Clint Eastwood directs the big screen biopic of Navy Seal sniper Chris Kyle, with many praising is as the best film of the year. Personally I didn’t love it but then I didn’t hate it either, I just wanted more from it. Eastwood is a director I admire greatly but this is not his best work. It is an interesting and gripping film with outstanding performances, most notably from Bradley Cooper, but it just needed a bigger kick in the right direction. It is well worth watching and certainly isn’t bad, but it unfortunately hovers rather too close to mediocrity.

One thought on “Blunt Reviews Presents: American Sniper (2015)

  1. I would probably have to agree, I did enjoy it but it was a bit lacklustre in places. Cooper was very strong, as nearly always these days. There was something missing, Im just not sure what.

    I personally found the movies Lone Survivor and Hurt Locker much more intense, interesting and overall enjoyable and on the same-ish topic.

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