Untitled Poetry Extract VI

Finding-Nemo-580x217As promised previously I’ve managed to write a piece of poetry that is a bit more uplifting and has a more positive feel to it. I know my previous pieces have been a bit darker, so as it’s coming towards the end of the week and we’re all looking forward to the bank holiday weekend I thought I’d get things back on track with a more positive piece. It is a little bit sporadic so I apologise in advance if it darts around too much for some people, either way I hope you enjoy!

Simplicity is rarely maintained when the heart is involved

romance brings with it obstacles

turns the sea tempestuous

spawns multiple complications

people speak of love as a force that impacts the heart

this is true, yet it is not exclusive

love is all consuming

the body and mind become tuned to one person

their presence sparks hysteria from head to toe

the sound of their voice coils around you in a tight hold

alerting the heart to their presence in the vicinity

a voice heard in your sleep

you see them in places they are not present

you’re left in hope that every sentence they speak has no end

it is a form of socially accepted madness

yet it is what every human yearns for

we want to fall hopelessly in love with someone

to be able to declare unabashedly that love exists

true love is real, its existence is unquestionable

it may be dissected and the limitations tested

true love is lucid

it will bend without ever breaking

it is hard to find

it is not a love one simple stumble into

true love must be something you fall in

a love that has destructive powers

one that tears humans apart brick by brick

above all love is exciting

a venture into the unknown without sight or a grasp on reality

an exploration into what one has only dreamt of

absolute transcendence of human imagination

it is too complex to understand

cannot possibly be quantified

it is not rational in any sense

it is nonsensical at the best of times

a series of chemical messages darting around the body

complete and utter madness

that is what humans like about love

the risk, the thrill of the chase

the voice that speaks when standing on the edge of a tall structure


rationality and logic will tell you loneliness is the inevitable outcome

how will you solve this theorem?

adequate testing?

just jump

true love is a rare miracle not even divine forces could orchestrate

it’s complicated and uneasy

it does strange things to people

if it is true then it is worth the risk

unequivocally love is a beautiful madness no human should go without

As I said it is a bit all over the place but I was feeling in a good mood and I was thinking over past events and how they’ve made me feel, this was the end result. As always I’m grateful to anyone who has made it this far and taken the time to read this or any other piece of poetry I have posted. It’s all be well received so far and so I hope to keep posting more!

I’m hoping to have another piece ready by the end of the week, but if not then another should be ready for the start of next week.

For Alan [poetry extract]


Apologies for it having been some time since my last piece of poetry. I’ve recently been out of actions due to an injured ankle so I haven’t really been doing much other than watching films and resting. Now that I am back I have returned with a new piece for you, a piece inspired by genius mathematician and one of the most fantastic human beings ever known to mankind, Alan Turing. This is inspired by his genius, his work, but most importantly his cruel fate. This is another darker piece but honestly it meant so much to me to write this so I hope you enjoy.

England so often speaks of victories over others

yet we rarely care to mention defeats of ourselves

we may have conquered the evil of the Third Reich

we lost the war of our own humanity

one of the greatest minds this planet has ever known

our friend, our equal

cast out in shame

a man who in dark times stood as a beacon of hope

a man who worked day in day out to help his country stave off evil

the mind that solved what others could not

outsmarting the enemy, staying five paces ahead of their every move

a man who deserved the richest gratitude and our utmost respect

yet he received punishment and cruelty beyond human comprehension

he was the master of deciphering that which was unclear

no equation or mathematical theorem can justify how England treated him

or worse still, why he was treated this way

after securing victory for our country

decreasing the period of destruction and death

was loneliness what he deserved?

he sought love from whom he desired

instead given a choice orchestrated by a more familiar evil

he could not leave Christopher

doses of monstrous chemical substances administered 

seeking to cure that which was not an illness

treatment for a non existent disease

England destroyed their hero

for what?

seeking love?

it is not for others to decide if a man can love another man

love does not require permission

nor does it deserve judgement

Alan should not feel ashamed

it is England that hangs their head

a black spot in our history

were we not seeking to build a better world?

one where people are free from harsh labels

where fragments of identity are free from discrimination

and what do we offer to him?

a posthumous pardon for behaviour that should never have been deemed criminal

the dragon cares not for those it has already burned

we are wrong to assume we are forgiven

it is not for us to offer an apology

we must seek forgiveness from him

forgiveness we do not deserve

with our close minds we constructed this man’s darkest of conclusions

freedom enclosed in a cyanide capsule

freedom from the real evil

take your wings now Alan and join Christopher

he is waiting for you

he is proud of you

 Thank you very much for taking the time to read this. It really did mean a lot to me, I think Alan Turing is one of the most brilliant humans to have ever lived and one that is still a hero to us all today. His is a story that more people need to be made aware of, not just to show how unfairly he was treated, but also to celebrate his genius and to acknowledge how many deaths he prevented, how he and his team essentially won us the war.

Of all the pieces I have written so far I think this is one I want to be viewed the most and to have the most exposure. I’m grateful to anyone who has taken the time to read this and I’m even more grateful to those of you who share this with others.

I should hopefully have another piece ready to be posted tomorrow. If not then it will be the day after but I will try to keep up the level of consistency I’ve managed to uphold recently.

A Magnanimous Last Gesture [poetry extract]


I haven’t really posted much this week, my extract from Monday was really well received so thank you to everyone to read it and left me feedback through whatever channel. What I thought I’d do today is post an extract from a piece I’ve been writing recently. It isn’t the most lighthearted I’ve posted and it is unfortunately based on real events that happened to me a few weeks ago. I should have some more upbeat work to post really soon but for the time being I shall leave you with this piece.

do not ask me why it happened

the answer remains unclear even to me

justification fragmented and complex

alcohol’s effect had faded rapidly in the cold

anger from a brief encounter still at the back of my mind

ten minutes from home

her shoes hit the cold hard surface in the middle of the road

disbelief initially takes over, mixed with doubt

she speaks of an abrupt ending, her ideal scenario

I advise a rewrite in the narrative

the first set of lights approaches, like a train in a cartoon

this character is not tied to the tracks, they want to be there

I move her to safety with relative ease

the lights pass by

the wind hits my face, my heart rate elevates

a high heel strikes my chest twice

behaviour I am accustomed to

her stance resumes as the second set of lights approaches

dragon’s eyes peering out of the cave

again I guide her to the edge, more resistance this time

I’m pushed with both hands and the process resets

how many lights nearly consumed us that night?

I try not to think about it

my subconscious does not abide by that rule

I see those lights approaching every time I close my eyes

sleep interrupted by the sound of the lights cutting through the air

was it going to be the ending of my story that night?

end credits?

her determination was matched only by her hysteria

I experienced a fear no human should have to 

the fear resulting from knowing there is absolutely nothing you can do

I did what I could, in desperation

an angry soul still living was the more logical conclusion

far more acceptable than the other outcomes

every possible scenario other than this was futile

every conclusion inevitably descends into destruction

for other it would have been easy to walk away from the fire

not for me

I couldn’t see that happen to anybody

my magnanimous nature transcends rationality

emotionally compromised I stayed to the end

a figure in tears on the doorstep

the other walking away as blood and tears roll down their face

and ending in flames and smoke

I am not a phoenix

I rise with burns only time can heal

As I said it is quite a serious piece and it is unfortunately based on real events, but I feel better having done something constructive with it as opposed to internalising everything.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Hopefully tomorrow I will have a more positive piece ready for you to read, I don’t really want to end the week on a downer so I shall do my best to have something happy ready for the start of the weekend.

Untitled Poetry Extract V

her poster

As promised I have a poem today that’s more positive than the last. It’s an extract from a piece I’ve been working on recently about two people that mean the absolute world to me. I honestly can’t imagine a world without two of them in it, and seeing them happy together just fills me with so much happiness and really warms the cockles of my heart, which is a big deal for someone as bitter as me. There’s not really much else to say about it other than I found myself quite emotional writing it because they mean so much to me. I hope everyone likes it and can find something to take away from it.

Forget money, clothing, technology, designer labels

all other material desires

what every human idealises most is love

a love that is unequivocally absolute

one that conquers time’s tempestuous seas

that is the love he found in her

a love that grew with them, with age it strengthened

consistent through property changes, vehicle purchases, holidays

it was a love given and received by both parties

more importantly it was a love that was lived

they grabbed life by the collar and lived it to pieces

as children move to adulthood, grandchildren take their first steps

each day spent side by side is glorious

the smell of home baked cakes fills the hallway

accompanied by the sound of Johnny Cash records

a house filled with indestructible joy

domestic life becomes an adventure with the one you love

nicknames and insults exchanged like young romantics

all with a smile and a wink before erupting into laughter

the love still lives on even now

as hands tremble more than before

as clothes gain more room inside

watches and belts require smaller settings

gravity and balance no longer playing fairly

a mouth struggles to articulate at speeds previously mastered

names becoming harder to remember

faces still recognised but not necessarily known

she knew this would happen

she was told there would be days when reality escapes his grasp entirely

but she knows her husband

he still knows her

there are days he’ll seem like a stranger

love is stronger than that

love transcends time and any label doctors could ever use

he is still there

he still smiles at her presence

her name will never escape him

the mouth that struggles with names and past events

the mouth locked in metaphysical debate

says with absolute clarity and in perfect diction

“on the 7th of May we’ve been married fifty years”

the excitement in his voice is evident

she smiles, watching him tell as many people as many times as he can

it’s still him

it’s still them

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my work, especially this piece as it means so much to me. Please feel free to leave any comments below, I always try to respond to them as quickly as I can. Hopefully I will have another piece ready for tomorrow at the same time.


Untitled Poetry Extract IV


So I thought I’d post a slightly different type of poem today from what I’ve posted across the last week. Recently I’ve posted poems that are thanking someone who is in my life at the moment for everything they do for me. This one today has a slightly angrier tone, basically saying farewell to someone who I do not need or want in my life. I don’t think it’s possible to move on to better things if you don’t acknowledge the bad things that have already happened, so I thought I would address those before I continue thinking about the future. It still is quite positive because I am happy now that I am moving on to better things and that I can be a better person.

It is largely based around things that have happened to me so it is quite personal, but as I said with the last poem I do feel as though I can talk about them with confidence now. It’s not longer a case of looking back and feeling upset that they happened, it’s more accepting that they happened and now knowing that it will never happen again. I know this is going to be a different style to what people are used to, but I hope you still like it.

I used to dislike endings in novels

far too certain of themselves

revelling in their own ability to elicit an emotional response

but now this idea of an abrupt conclusion is ideal

like Jason fleeing to Corinth in hope of new love

why must Medea follow in fury?

why can’t a man run to the Hotel Chevalier in search of solace?

I used to believe we would live forever

I still stand by that

maybe we will live forever

but it will not be together

plans previously spoken of now disbanded

placed on permanent hiatus upon first strike

when skin touched skin, out of anger

our paths became separate

distance growing with every clenched hand gliding through the air

I gave roses, the thorns were returned to me

a love broken down brick by brick through violent intent

no more

my magnanimous nature ceases to exist

instead I turn to damage already brought to me externally and internally

learn from mistakes already made

cor mea regula mea

one cannot miss a love that did not exist

on behalf of Scott I walk from Zelda

walk on to become the person I can be and should be

what was once felt about you can be felt again for another

I am not your friend and I never will be

if it is three words you seek then I oblige

you repel me

As I said it is quite an angry poem and there is a lot of bitterness in there, but I feel as though the events mentioned are not ones to dwell on and regret. They should be learned from. So if you have any thoughts on it then please leave a comment below. It is a new style for me so any feedback you have is much appreciated.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Be it your first time reading my poetry or if you are a regular reader I am grateful either way for you taking the time out of your day to read my work. I should have another piece posted at the same time tomorrow, hopefully with more positivity than this one!

Untitled Poetry Extract III


I thought I’d take a slightly different turn with the piece that I upload today. It has a slightly darker twist to it because it is based on things that have happened to me over the course of the last year, but generally I have tried to stick to the same theme of thanking the person that has come in to my life and made me feel happier than I have done for a long time. I hope you guys still like it, and of course as per the last three days please feel free to leave comments below and thank you for taking the time to read this.

To say that she has helped does not adequately convey her successes

before she entered my life I was deflated

love had picked me up, taken me to a great height and dropped me accordingly

it was the experience of a love I gave but did not receive

I was an old piano, abandoned, upturned in the dirt

she arrived, lifted me back on to my feet

dusted off the black and white keys

took the time to help get me back in tune

understanding the minor keys

improving the major keys

acknowledging that the outer shell has been damaged

mistreated, left scratched and cracked by careless hands

the internal mechanisms, once neglected and exploited

now respected and prioritised

I was used to the mistreatment offered by the heartless

hitting the keys with no remorse

no understanding of the damage they were causing

revelling in the glory of the minor keys singing in pain under their control

but now the major keys are being played

releasing songs of happiness after far too long

the sound that is not alone

accompanied perfectly by her beautiful voice

reassuring that better times are coming

the beauty behind her eyes and smile

helping to keep positivity surging through my veins

putting the smile back on my face after too long an absence

ending my hiatus from happiness

and above all proving unequivocally that broken hearts still beat

As I said above it does have a darker twist to it but I’m getting to the stage now where I can talk about what’s happened quite openly because I want to work on making myself a better person and I know I can’t do that unless I acknowledge that shit things happened. I think it’s better to talk about them, particularly in a creative way such as this, because it makes me feel more comfortable with it and I know I have the support of some amazing people in my life.

I know it may not have been to everyone’s liking but if you do have any feedback then please leave a comment below. I’m not sure when the next piece will be uploaded but it’s probably going to be at the start of next week. I hope everyone has a great weekend, and thank you again for reading my work this week!

Untitled poetry extract II

punch drunk inspired

Okay so the poetry I have posted so far has been really well received and I can’t thank people enough for the feedback they have given me. So to thank everyone for their support and for taking the time to read what I have written I thought I would post as extract from a piece I was working on earlier today. Much like with my first poem this week it doesn’t have a title and is quite random but it’s what happened when I was inspired and I had time to kill, so I hope you enjoy!

Dreaming became a rarity in my routine

insomnia, the stealer of time

but now I do dream, almost every night

she’s always there, dancing through my subconscious

a figure so far away and yet so close

she’s the one I see in Paris for a weekend

the one who places her hands over my eyes at work

uttering two simple words: guess who

the figure at the bar being bothered by a drunkard

I rush over, adjust my suit jacket and place my hand over hers

smiling as I declare that this dance is mine

the one who is indecisive over what film to watch

the one I wait for on the beach

when I’m dreaming of an obscure career in motivational speaking

she is the one waiting in the front row to have lunch with me

in dreams of music festivals she is the one I dance with into the night

if I’m in the 1920s dining with Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald

she is the one by my side that I pour champagne for first

she journeys down the rabbit hole with me

follows the White Rabbit all the way to the tea party

ventures to a land where the dimensions of time and space are infinite

a whole infinity of different scenarios

and yet she is still the most beautiful sight

among black holes, mountains, underwater life and multiple galaxies beyond human comprehension

my eyes focus on her smile the most

my subconcious taunts me with her presence

I get the last laugh

when I awake from my sleep I do so with a smile

for I get to speak to that fantastic, beautiful person in reality

I know people must be getting bored of these by now with this being the third piece posted this week but honestly it means the world to me when people read what I have written and leave feedback. I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to read this. And if you have any feedback then please feel free to leave a comment below. Hopefully I should have some more work to post over the next few days.

Waiting For You in the Sun – Poetry Extract


I just want to start off by saying thank you to anybody who read the extract I posted yesterday. I’m always massively grateful to anybody who takes time out of their day to read my work, and if you left a like as well then that made me even happier. I’m honestly just looking for any feedback at this point so please feel free to leave any comments you have in the section below.

So this piece today is an extract from a poem I was working on earlier in the day. Again it is about someone who means a lot to me and who has been a huge positive influence in my life over the past few months. I just kind of took inspiration while I was sat at work with a free spot of time again, and this is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy!

When dreaming of the summer one idealises the weather

I dream instead of her

walking on a beach with shoes in hand

soft sand tumbling with every footstep

sunlight creeping through her hair

the sound of the sea between each word she speaks

locked in battle to sound more beautiful than each other

ultimately her voice is victorious but together they are the perfect arrangement

a sound no composer could possibly duplicate or recapture

our arms brush, I look away embarrassed

I can feel her smiling so I glimpse for an instant

she dashes ice cream on my nose and laughs

I brush it off, attempt to wipe in on her hand

she runs away whilst laughing, I don’t give chase

I wait to see her turn back to look at me

her smile and eyes, the epitome of natural beauty

then we walk where the water can reach us

pushing backward and forwards across our feet

as the sun eventually retreats back beyond the horizon

we’re the only two left for miles around, my selfishness manifests

hours have passed, I feel like she’s known me all my life

she rubs her arms as the evening breeze arrives

I pass her my jacket and she walks closer to me

more words unspoken than ever before

the stars light our pathway into the night

Again it is only an extract and an experimental piece of work for me so it may not be to everyone’s liking, but if you have any feedback then please leave a comment. I am looking to develop this and improve over time so any positive or negative points will be much appreciated.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this again. If you didn’t see my poetry extract from yesterday then please give it a look if you have the time. I hope to have another piece up as soon as possible.

Untitled Poetry Extract


I suppose you could call this a side activity of mine at the moment. I used to write poetry a lot when I was younger, I found that it helped me a lot when dealing with difficulties in life or when I was feeling overly emotional. Unfortunately I slipped out of contact with it but just recently I have picked it up again and I have found it to be as helpful as it was before.

I never really did anything with it so this is just an experiment really to see what people make of it. I know it isn’t much at the moment and there’s not a cohesive structure or rhythm but it’s just an extract from some work I’ve been doing recently to give people a taste. It was written in about thirty minutes when I was sat at work with nothing to do but an empty A4 page and some ideas so I started scribbling.

It’s inspired by someone who has helped me a lot over the last few months and who I cannot thank enough for everything she does for me. I’ve thanked her enough times before but I wanted to do something a little bit special, and I’m old fashioned so poetry just came naturally to me. It doesn’t have a title at the moment and obviously this is not the full poem, I just wanted to see what people made of it at this point. So without further adu:

to say that she has changed me is an understatement

without sounding like a machine, she has fixed me

when we met my casing was dented and scratched

the wires entangled and fraying

I felt lost in madness every day

but now she saves me daily

creates a reaction not even scientists could explain

my name was once a mere noun

from her lips it is a violin concerto

talking for hours, every golden word spoken on any topic

leaving me smiling in hope that the sentence won’t ever end

she laughs whenever I call her beautiful

disregarding the truth that this is not a strong enough word

lexis will fail to convey how much I owe her

she fills my day with joy and my dreams with beauty

I can only hope I mean to her even a fraction of what she means to me

As I said it is very much just an experimental hobby at the moment so it’s a bit messy. I’m hoping to develop it and move more towards a sonnet based structure, but for the time being this is just to give people a taster.

Thank you very much for getting this far and actually reading it, I know it only takes like five minutes to read this sort of things but honestly I am grateful to anybody who takes time out of their day to read my work. So if you have any comments then please free to leave them below. This is an experimental process at the moment and I’m hoping to improve based on what people like and dislike. Hopefully it will improve in the future and it will be you guys that help make it happen, so any feedback is greatly appreciated.

The intriguing prospect of Neill Blomkamp’s ‘Alien’ project


After the recent news of the next planned installment to the Alien franchise it is safe to say there is a lot to be excited about

If you are interested in the latest news surrounding cinema you’ll know that we’re poised quite nicely in a strong time for science fiction. Last year we had films such as Under the Skin showing how small scale sci fi works perfectly, as well as big blockbusters such as Interstellar showing how mainstream audiences are still interested in the genre. This year we’ve got films such as Chappie and Ex Machina already leading the way for a good year, as well as Terminator making a much unwanted come back later this year. If you take a look towards future releases there have been some interesting announcements. Just recently we had the announcement that Blade Runner will be getting a sequel after years of the idea being discussed. However the news that has me most excited is that Neill Blomkamp, famed director of District 9 and Elysium, will be making the next installment in the Alien franchise.

It’s interesting, I think Blomkamp being named as director is the best part of this news, because we already know that he is a very talented filmmaker of the science fiction genre. If it was announced that this film was being made but without a director’s name being attached to it at this point then I would roll my eyes, sigh, and this blog post would be of an entirely different nature. I wouldn’t want to see another sequel made unless it was with a good director at the helm because I care about the original so much. Alien still stands as one of my favourite films of all time, I think it is one of the most important pieces of cinema to have ever been made, however for me the sequels have ruined it. Obviously Aliens is still a very good film but when you move into the region of Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection the story loses itself completely and it becomes void of any substance. It seems to have detracted too far away from the original Alien but I think Blomkamp could be the person to bring it back to where it once was.

Much like JJ Abrams was able to salvage the Star Trek franchise by recrafting it for a modern audience I think Blomkamp could be the person to do this for Alien. It just makes me happy to know that this project is being placed in the hands of a director who cares about it. What seems to have happened is that the original Alien idea has been stretched out in order to make money, hence we have somehow found ourselves presented with Alien vs Predator and worse still Aliens vs Predator: Requiem. All of the substance that was once held in Ridley Scott’s original 1979 masterpiece has been squeezed out so that the hollow shell can be used as a money maker. That’s not what Blomkamp will do, as we have found recently when his intentions became clear.

If you’ve read around the topic enough you’ll know that Alien 3 was a very conflicted project. The story was changed multiple times, it was reworked so that the film they were originally intending to make was dropped to make way for the god awful film we know today. What Blomkamp himself said when he first started talking about the film was:

“there’s Alien, then Aliens, and then this film”

and so what he has suggested is that his film would take place directly after Aliens, meaning that in the timeline of events Alien 3 and Alien: Resurrection would essentially become null and void. Blomkamp would be taking events down a different path, and I like the sound of that. Alien 3 has always been considered a bad film. Famously David Fincher who directed the film didn’t like it and when they offered him to work on it again to create a director’s cut he turned it down and said he wanted nothing to do with the film, and we can see why. Story wise there is a very little development and the whole thing seems excessive. It’s like when you watch a film, get to a certain point and think “there, that is where the film should end” but then have to sit through thirty minutes more screen time and lose patience with it. That’s what Alien 3 is, it’s the thirty minutes of excess stretched out in to a feature film. Then after that we had Alien: Resurrection which was again excessive and just felt rather unnecessary, so I’m not bothered about Blomkamp wanting to make his film and pretend those films never happened, I think he would be doing the right thing.

There was a fiasco before whereby the story was changed for Alien 3 several times and now it’s unclear as to whether some people should be included in the credits for writing or if some people opted out of it to distance themselves from the project, so hopefully Blomkamp will steer us back in the right direction. I think no matter happens this is going to be an interesting experience because Blomkamp will obviously have a lot of ideas of his own. He has said on multiple occasions that he loves the first two films and so trusting him to make a sequel that comes directly after them is not only a wise decision but the right decision. In order to now screw this up the director/ writer has to care for the source material.

As well as the news of this film being made Blomkamp has released concept art for the film, originally releasing it and informing us that the project had been cancelled, before taking it back up again. The concept art is very intriguing, with some interesting work based around Sigourney Weaver as Ripley, but one of the most interesting pieces in the collection of artwork features someone else. In what is quite possibly the most intriguing piece of concept art we have seen so far we can quite clearly see the character of Ripley stood with the character of Hicks. I quite like the way that’s heading. Alien 3 in a way went off on a complete tangent, it felt like a film from a completely different series. What Blomkamp is intending to do it make a sequel that stays where we want it to and so we can only hope that the character of Hicks has a larger part somehow and it should be interesting to see exactly how that works.

Now I think Blomkamp is the right person to direct this film. He is a modern director with fresh ideas and experience in making science fiction. I haven’t seen Chappie yet and it’s been some time since I first saw Elysium but District 9 still stands as one of my favourite films from recent years. It was a big and unabashedly bold science fiction film and it had large success with audiences worldwide. It wasn’t just down to the incredible special effects or the interesting story that keeps you on the edge of your seat, it stood out because it has a running thread throughout of interviews with various people, and so what you have is almost this sociological commentary that follows the events as they develop and it did make for a very interesting experience. It was nice to see a film whereby humans aren’t depicted as just going in all guns blazing when the aliens arrive, instead we look more towards studying them and keeping the peace. Obviously one of the key features that stands out is the fact the aliens actually become residents and so parts of human life coincide with theirs. So we have sequences whereby the main character is giving out eviction notices to some aliens, and fact that the alien species comes to Earth and is very fond of cat food. It’s just the little details such as this that proved Blomkamp to be a talented writer who understands the genre well enough to add their own twist to it.

What is most important about him though, for me personally, is the fact that he appreciates the original film. It seems like directors that have made films based in the same universe as Alien had quite a pick’n’mix approach when considering the original. They looked at the film and picked out the violence and the blood and the creepiness that comes with the creature, and the chest bursting and so left out all of the elements that made the original as good as it was. Blomkamp has already said that Alien and Aliens were his favourite films of the franchise, so we know he has good intentions and and he isn’t about the run the risk of ruining the story. I think he understands the originals enough to know how to make a film based on them but whilst adding his own visual influence.

When considering how the Alien films have advanced I would still argue that the first one is the best and is one of the greatest films of all time. Aliens was still a good film and I can appreciate that but for me it borders into a slightly less impressive territory with the addition of marines firing off rounds in a James Cameron styled manner. Alien for me is the undisputed masterpiece. Every element is pitched perfectly, from the screenplay that develops the characters so that we actually care about them, right through to the pacing. And what was obviously one of the main factors that made the first film as good as it is was the work from artist H R Giger who designed the set and the creatures themselves. He brought a simplistic chill to the interior design of the Nostromo and obviously was responsible for creating one of the most terrifying creatures ever seen on screen. He was an extremely talented man and it is a shame that he won’t be here to help with the next film, however Blomkamp does seem like he has some pretty impressive ideas and I’m looking forward to seeing what a talented modern director with a good eye for cinema does with the Alien universe.

So in summary I think they have made the right decision in letting Blomkamp go ahead with this idea, I think he is full of good ideas and he respects the original film enough do it justice. It will be nice to see Aliens finally get the sequel it deserves and to see the franchise move back on track after recent disasters. I am hoping that this going to be similar to the Star Trek films of recent years whereby we see a franchise we all love coming back to the big screen, with a good director at the helm and in a modernised way but whilst still respecting what the original set out to do.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. If you have any thoughts on the matter then please feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. In particular I’d like to know your choices for directors who could make this sequel if Blomkamp was out of the question and why you would pick them.