Blunt Reviews Presents: Dorian Gray (2009)


Putride is not a strong enough word to describe this film. It takes one of the greatest novels ever written, kills it and then pisses on the tombstone. It ignores the interesting content and themes to focus on wealth and indulgence in the most appalling manner. It takes a story that questions love, beauty, age, wisdom and humanity, strips it down to a hallow shell and pumps it full of cliches, unnecessary orgies and a sequence of oral sex between Basil and Dorian that’s beyond felonious. No redeeming features, a total omnishambles and an unforgivable film.

Blunt Reviews Presents: Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)




Quite a mixed bag for thisĀ installment in the long running science fiction franchise. It manages to bring the concept in to the modern age without being as stupid as Tim Burton was. It is clunky and there are many characters that amount to nothing but it at least holds itself together. It is big enough to make a mark but leaves good room for future projects. Not too ambitious and not too stupid it’s heart is in the right place to an extent. Andy Serkis is the highlight; his total immersion to the character really makes the film.