Introducing: “Blunt Reviews” the latest section of “Adam Lester.”


As regular readers will no doubt know, when I talk about films I tend to ramble. I can hold my hands up and say that when I get passionate about a film I can talk about it for a long time, regardless of whether my writing is still interesting or not.

It happened with my latest blog post in which I analysed ‘Blue Jasmine’ by Woody Allen. I liked the film a lot and so decided to write about it. I started off with small points and then developed them, and then added to them, until before you know it i’m 3,282 words down and the readers have become comatosed. I like writing about films but even I can admit, I am boring most of the time.

This is why I have decided to make a new section on my blog, because when people are reading a blog it’s very rare that they want to sit down to a whole essay. Most people want a shortened opinion of a film and an overall judgement. This is what I will be trialling on this blog over the next couple of weeks, a new branch that is different from writing I’ve done before.

Inspired by one of the greatest film reviews of all time, which was simply “Forrest Gump on a tractor” spoken by David Cox of Film4, I have decided to write what I am referring to as “blunt reviews”. For those of you who were hoping this would be reviews written by me whilst smoking an illegal substance, you are mistaken. What it is instead going to be is a series of reviews that are limited in their word count. I am used to writing posts that are well in to their thousands in terms of word counts. From now on the maximum I can write, excluding the title, will be 100 words.

So be it a review of a good film or bad film, I will not be able to exceed 100 words. They will be short, snappy and with as much bluntness as I can include. Some will be slating films and others will be praising them but overall they will be short. It doesn’t mean I will stop writing my more in depth reviews, this will be a mere subsection if you like, so both will be available to readers.

Stayed tuned for more news on this new venture, as the first post will be available tomorrow in the form of a blunt review of The Great Gatsby (2013).

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