‘Fifa Go Home’ – why football doesn’t always matter


Have four years really gone by that quickly? It only feels like last week we were waving goodbye to the last one month our lives that was wasted. Already News stations are being taken over with reports about how long there is until it starts and how various people you’ve never heard of from somewhere in west London have been affected by it in some form. All you have to do is walk down the streets and you’ll find your eyes being blinded with the amount of England flags plastered on buildings, people’s shirts and cars. A lot of people have been sucked in to the idea that the World Cup matters, but honestly when you think about it, what is the point of football?

Referred to by many as the “beautiful game” I fail to see where the “beauty” element fits in to this rather tedious sport. It is neither entertaining nor interesting, and it is far from beautiful. After seeing pictures of people from Brazil (pictured above) it is clear that the game has a rather ugly side to it. While idiots from all over the world run around on a bit of grass for ninety minutes at a time, there are people in the streets who are finding it difficult to eat every day. There are so many different things that annoy me about football, that it is impossible for me to find the game “beautiful”. It is so utterly without merit in today’s society that I would like to take this opportunity to state exactly why I find it is so annoying and repulsive.

Lack of interest – I still cannot possibly comprehend why you want to watch millionaires running around a patch of grass. There is nothing interesting about that, and yet the commentators find so much to talk about. If it was me the commentary would consist of “he’s kicked the ball…and now someone else has the ball….and now another person has the ball…the ball has been passed again which indeed resulted in another person possessing the ball before passing it again” it is literally that interesting. I know people defend it and say there’s more to it than that, but there isn’t.

It’s the same thing – what’s the point in holding competitions if it is literally the same thing? It’s the same teams playing other teams to win the same title has before. And that happens every single year, and of course every four years for the World Cup. Why don’t we just decide once and for all who the overall winner is, give them a pat on the back and a lollipop and then move on. I know why, because Fifa is making so much money it doesn’t know what to do with itself.

Fifa makes too much money without a good cause – we all know how much football players get paid, and it’s a result of Fifa and other football related businesses earning so much money that they can afford to keep their players living is such extortionate lucre. It’s not as if the money is going to a good cause, it keeps the players wealthy while other people struggle. Considering the amount of money the companies earn I refuse to call football a good cause until the majority of the revenue is donated to charity or working towards redistributing wealth and footballers pay cheques are cut severely. In the wise words of comedian and writer David Mitchell “surely now post credit crunch we hate rich people? Why do footballers get away with not being hated? They should be forced to emigrate. They should be forced to go to South Africa, it doesn’t matter what they do there, but then never return because they’ve got loads of money for doing something that doesn’t matter”.

It dominates the sporting world – there is so much coverage of the football when it’s on it means that other sports get completely neglected. The F1 doesn’t matter anymore, cricket goes out the window and then there are other sports that don’t even get televised. It’s just annoying because football is all we know as a nation and it means that other sports are completely forgotten about just because one sport is a favoured more. Again, in the words of David Mitchell when he spoke about the idea of a world cup summer “this just means terrible news for Cricket. There’s going to be a whole summer where it’s even harder to watch Cricket, more people will be talking about people I’ve never heard of who are apparently both billionaires and brain dead, and I find it all very depressing”.

Especially this year, the host has better things to spend money on – I know it doesn’t really apply to league football in our country, but for the World Cup this year it is clear that the host country does not need football. As mentioned before the picture above shows how people from the host country have been protesting because of the presence of Fifa in their country. I personally am overjoyed to see this. Fifa has bitten a chunk out of the country so the people have bitten back and shown how they’re truly feeling. With the social and economic problems that are present in Brazil at the moment there are clearly better things the money needed for the World Cup could be funding. Instead of hosting a pointless tournament that has little relevance or importance in today’s society Brazil could be focusing on aiding stability for the future and using the money to help those who need it. But that won’t happen because people want to see several people kicking an inanimate object to each other in an attempt to show how their country is ‘the best’. Disgusting.

On top of all of this the fans of football annoy me to the point of frustration. The way they treat football as the most important thing in the world is beyond my comprehension. In fact a couple of years ago when the riots were occurring in London I got in to an argument with someone my age who claimed that the worst thing about the riots was that football matches would be cancelled. Let’s just forget the masses of property damage, violence and houses being set on fire and worry about watching talentless idiots earning ridiculous salaries.

I understand that not all fans are the same of course, it would be wrong of me to criticise all of them, but there are particular ones that annoy me, the list is as follows:

– Those who paint their face for football matches: this is football not Braveheart, you look like an idiot.

– those who say “football is my religion”: how sad their lives must be, I would recommend finding a more stable faith.

– those who shout their team name followed by the phrase “Until I die”: I can only hope their demise follows swiftly. I can understand supporting a team and being passionate about them, but there is a line between being a good sportsman and being plain creepy.

– those who use violence as a resort of recent football events: now this is the main one which annoys me beyond belief because it shows just how brainwashed football fans get. I don’t mean to sound like a primary school teacher but it’s the only way to get the message across: IT IS JUST A GAME. The whole point of a sport is that it’s exciting. It would be boring if your team won every single time, so I don’t understand why people use violence when things don’t go their way. Even if the fan of an opposing team insults their team I know some people that would turn violent because they didn’t like what they were hearing. And these people are meant to be adults, why don’t they just grow up and accept that people have different opinions. It doesn’t happen with any other hobbies does it? As a film fan I didn’t go the nearest pub and hit someone just because Leonardo DiCaprio didn’t win an Oscar this year. I just accepted disappointment like a mature human being and moved on with my life.

I understand that as a film fan it is very easy to argue that films are pointless too, but really you could say that about anything. Films, sport, music, art, at the end of the day it’s about what people gain from it. I understand that people gain a lot from liking football but personally I don’t share the interest. It happens with me all the time with films. I know people don’t like films and don’t take as active an interest as I do and I accept that. So why isn’t it acceptable for me to dislike football?

I was being served in a shop once, and the young woman serving me began ranting about “what sort of a man doesn’t like football?” 

To which I could only respond “me”.

I am the sort of man who doesn’t like football. I understand that it serves some purpose for a large number of people and that it does bring people together as a community, but then I also see how it divides people in to schisms and causes harm in the world. I am still angry about the World Cup being hosted in Rio this year despite all of the protesting. I would feel a lot better if they cancelled it just this one time and used the money for better purposes, admitting that football isn’t the most important thing at the moment. I dislike football because as this year proves it serves a minimal purpose in this world in the bigger picture and as usual it is a fairly uneventful enterprise. Again, the same could be argued with films, but at least with films it’s an art form and there is a creative edge to it with a lot of variety. Football is a sport in which repetition seems to be the key.

To summarise I would describe as something of a mad hatter figure, famous of course from Alice in Wonderland. Much like he celebrates every day that isn’t his birthday (named as his unbirthday) I am in the position where others celebrate every moment football graces their screens, whilst I celebrate every second in which such a pointless and tedious activity is not on my screen.

14 thoughts on “‘Fifa Go Home’ – why football doesn’t always matter

  1. One thing I would ask, to play devil’s advocate here. If significant social change is bought about by these protests isn’t the fact the world cup was there to spark that a good thing? Would positive social change occur if the world cup hadn’t been there? Would people have carried on living with the poor education and health without this situation to get them riled up?

  2. Interesting. Just a few things you said that I have to challenge:

    1. Lack of interest – I’m guessing your not exactly a football fan so you don’t find it interesting, fair enough. But it’s not boring for everyone as a follower of football I have much respect for the talent that those professional athletes posses. Unlike the film industry (where like footballers actors are overpaid) its a ruthless business – if your a bad football player then you won’t make it, but bad actors and directors still earn lots of money in the film industry (‘cough’ Michael Bay…. ‘cough’ Nicholas Cage).

    2. It’s the same thing – hardly. Yes you may have a point in the Premier League but even if you drop down just one league to the Championship then you actually experience much more of a contest. I’ll give you an example Burnley F.C. this season were tipped to be relegated… got promoted to the Premier League; QPR – expected to win the Championship… narrowly won the play-off final to get promoted.

    3. It dominates the sporting world – errrr no. That’s stereotypical, it just happens to be the UK’s most popular sport and that’s why you see it everywhere. Go to, Jamaica, lets say and the sporting world is dominated by athletics. If you look at the UK football really doesn’t dominate sport on TV: Wimbledon gets prime spot on the BBC, and I think you’ll find other major tennis tournaments are covered on ITV and Eurosport. F1 has its own dedicated channel on Sky and is also covered by the BBC, don’t see many football only channels.

    4. The host having better things to spend the money on – to an extent yes, but having researched Brazil extensively for an academic report (yes some football fans are intelligent) I’ve found that Brazil does in fact have a universal healthcare system and one of the best education systems in Latin America. Not only that much of the US$14bn spent by the government has been spent on infrastructure – something which won’t only benefit the World Cup. You’re also slating the Brazilian Government for its expenditure on the World Cup, yet you have failed to mention the Olympics, which Brazilians have also been protesting about. It just happens to be that the World Cup is on now so more Brazilians are protesting about that now. Give it 2 years and I assureyou there will be protests about the Olympics. Furhteremore, if we roll the clock back 4 years you could say similar things about the South African Government yet I don’t remember too many people complaining.

    5. Those who paint their faces and people who say football is their ‘religion’ – they do look ridiculous painting their faces (unless their a child in my opinion) but they’re expressing their passion or is that not allowed in your world? Do we now live in North Korea or something? I’ll admit football isn’t really a religion but if we live in a society where people say ‘Jedi’ is their religion then what’s wrong with football.

    6. Those who shout their team followed by ‘until I die’ – again this is people expressing their passion. They are basicly saying ‘I will follow my team no matter what’ from reading your blog posts I know your a film fan. I also know your a fan of Martin Scorsese, so say he made an awful film and it gets like a 10% rating on rotten tomatoes or something, would you suddenly stop liking him and call him a bad director?

    You do raise a good point with violence in football and is part of the game which I personally am ashamed about and would never get involved in. However, in the UK football related violence has fallen quite a bit. I don’t have actual figures to hand but if you went to a football game in the 80s there was a high chance you could be beaten up, especially if you were LBGT, an ethnic minority or just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I mean if you go to Eastern Europe then this problem is rife so this is an issue that both governments and FIFA need to tackle face on.

    One further point which you haven’t discussed but is of interest to me is the football clubs themselves – many of the older clubs, especially in the North, are at the hearts of communities. Anfield in Liverpool, St. James Park in Newcastle and Tynecastle Stadium in Glasgow are all located within inner city housing estates reflecting the nature of how football was born – out of the factories as recreation for the working class. Not only that many large football clubs (such as Manchester United) are expanding their community work internationally especially in some of the poorest areas of the world, and unlike Starbucks they still pay their tax. This even trickles down to smaller clubs in the UK – Reading F.C. have launched a community initiative in Kenya and are also based in Northern India advising football clubs in the region. Furthermore many football clubs have intentional links, again going back to Reading they have a link with Eagles Football Club (again in India) and have agreed to help pump money into the club to invest in bettering the club.

    • I stopped reading as soon as you mentioned Michael Bay. The reason he is allowed to make films is because of the stupid people in the audience. They flock to see his films and so the films perform well at the box office. So film companies allow him to make more because he makes them so much money. It’s not to do with the film maker, it’s the audience being stupid enough to pay to see his films. Plus combined with the sales from 3D films he is more than likely to be given the opportunity to make more films in the future. In the words of film critic doctor Mark Kermode “it’s to do with the increasingly stupid gene which is taking over the world”. Do yourself a favour and research films too.

  3. I suggest that you actually read the rest of what I have to say. I put the time in to read your post and write my response. By ignoring my post you are a) being rather rude and inconsiderate and b) contradicting what you said in you about me bit ‘OPEN to any comments or criticism’ so I suggest you do yourself a favour and either change your about me bit or read what I have to say.

    • Oh and what you effectivly done is repeat my point. A football player who isn’t considered good won’t make it. A director or actor who isn’t very good could make it. I was trying to make a joke but I guess this wasn’t how you read it

      • So you’re saying anyone can become a film maker? Nice point. It takes much more than just “skill” to become a director. It takes imaginative flare and creativity as well as a personal style that develops over time. I didn’t read the rest of your comment because I don’t have to, much like you don’t have to read my blog.

  4. I never actually stated or implied that anyone can be a film maker so I think you should take that comment back metaphorically. What you say is true we all have free will, but if I’d written a blog post and someone had left a lengthy comment I would take the time to read it out of respect, even if I thought what they had written was nonsense. Clearly you don’t share that sense of respect so I’m guessing your a rather shallow person who is ignorant of what other people have to say. You also failed to acknowledge my point about you ‘about me’ section which I suggest you change to ‘sometimes open to comments and criticism’ seeing as your not open to my comments

    • I am indeed a rather shallow person, as are you, someone who expects everyone to adhere to a set of rules they have formed and yet don’t actually stick to. My ‘about me’ section shall remain as it is for the time being because I am open to criticism, however what I’m not open to is an all out attack from someone who didn’t read the blog post carefully enough to begin with.

  5. I never actually stated that there were set rules, unfortunately I’m not the sort of person who believes in oppression. I have not been going on an all out attack on you I was merely pointing out your ignorance to other people who may have disagree with you, if you can’t deal with that then I don’t think you will get far in life. I have read your blog post in some detail and I have interpreted it in a way which may be different to how you see it, but your ignorance has made you blind of the fact that people interpret things in different ways

    • If you’re going to call an opposing opinion “ignorance” on a subjective matter then it’s you who is the ignorant one I’m afraid. The basic idea behind the post was that believe football isn’t important. I never stated this as fact but it seems you are fixed upon this idea that people must agree with you. I disagree with you and I am in fact very happy in life, I don’t feel the need to start arguments on small blogs to feel better about myself.

  6. Errrm you have been ignorant of my comment on your blog post so I think you will find your the one who is ignorant. I never really cared if you agreed with me or not, but I do think it is hard for you to disagree if you have failed to read the entirety of the comment, its like a court judge sentencing a person after only hearing half the evidence.

    • It’s not ignorant, I just made a decision based on your lack of film knowledge that lead you to a rather stupid conclusion. If you are still unhappy with me then simply stop commenting.

  7. No its an actual point but your lack of knowledge of football prevents you from seeing that. In future maybe its best to stick to what you know when blogging?

    • Or you could harness this desire to throw your opinion in someone’s face on a topic that does not matter. Football does not matter to me, and you can type until you’re blue in the face, my opinion will not change. I am grateful that you’ve taken the time to read my blog and offer criticism, but if you read my other posts you will realise that I don’t care enough about football to engage myself in a serious debate in the topic.

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