Quotations Strike Back (Similar to the Empire but less sinister)

For those of you who enjoyed one of my recent posts about quotations I’ve chosen to follow a similar theme for this post. This is however about quotes that don’t have big moral meanings behind them that are inspiring for all. These are just a collection of quotes that I find clever and that I can relate to. I’m not claiming credit for any of them and I do not own any of them, I am simply displaying them for others to bask in their genius. There will I’m afraid be a splattering of film related ones, if this annoys you then I shall refer you to my last post and then simply question if this blog is right for you.  Eyes down for a full house…

1. “Is it funny? no. Is it subversive? no. Did I feel at all entertained? no. Is it going to be number one in the box office next week? very probably.” – Mark Kermode reviewing House Bunny: I don’t like using this quote specifically for that film, I enjoy using it for mainy films. It sums up rather nicely how some films are complete rubbish and yet make a lot of money and become a hit. Silly cinema audiences and their low expectations. 

2. “Do I not know what’s going on because it’s incomprehensibly told? Or do I not know what’s going on because I don’t care?” – Mark Kermode reviewing Quantum of Solace: Yet again I don’t just like it for use on that particular film (though it does suit) I like it for the implication that some films just have no appeal. They lack substance to the extreme of me feeling bored. Possibly me being negative? Of course.

3. “Let me remind you, while my moral support is absolute, in a physical confrontation I will be less than useless” – Sheldon Cooper: Quite an apt description of me as a person. I’m not a violent person at all and most people will know this, but I have my way with words.

4. “If you didn’t mean to do it but you did it, you have to get angry about it to make sure it never happens again” – Jon Richardson: quite a good expression for those who don’t correct their mistakes; they’re not trying hard enough.

5. “Surely now post- credit crunch we hate rich people? So why do footballers get away with not being hated? They should be forced to emigrate, they should be forced to go South Africa, it doesn’t matter what they do there, but then never return because they’ve got loads of money for doing something that doesn’t matter” – David Mitchell appearing on Mock The Week: My opinions about Football are very strong as most will know, but I cannot even begin to comment on it in such a fine way this man has. Almost poetic really isn’t it?

6. (Yes another one from Mark Kermode) “Inception is proof that people are not stupid, that cinema is not trash, and that it is possible for Blockbusters and Art to be the same thing” – Mark Kermode reviewing 2010’s top five films: For those who have read my previous blog posts about films you’ll know that I have a lot of respect for Christopher Nolan, but this quote sums it up quite nicely. It shows how he is making films that are a big bold success, without being stupid. He is an intelligent man, and I have a lot of respect for him for treating the audience as if they’re not intellectually dim.

7. (Yes, and another) “If you’re going to remake something then remake something that was bad the first time. Remake something that wasn’t much good. Remake something you hated. Remake something you can do something with. I don’t understand loving something and therefore wanting to remake it” – Mark Kermode reviewing Clash of The Titans: Basically sums up all of my views about remaking a film. I too think it’s pointless remaking something that was fine in the first place. The only gain from doing that is the money of course, which is still not a plausible explanation for defacing perfectly acceptable films.

Apologies for the amount of film related quotes I placed in here, I happen to think they’re very clever and useful, you may disagree and that is entirely for you to decide.

As always feel free to leave a comment with some of your favourite quotes. As this is a more relaxed post feel free to hold back on the moral meanings. Also feel free to leave a comment with any topics that you feel would be good for me to cover. I’m looking for a bit of variety in what I post about so I’m open to whatever you have to throw at me.

Until next time I shall as always say au revoir.