Time for a change, I think

This is different experience for me, I’m finding myself actually wanting to post about something positive. I realised during the week that I spend so long focusing on the negatives that I can barely see the positives that are right in front of me. I won’t go in to detail about what specifically I’m on about but I will explain exactly what it made me think about, which is films. Apologies in advance there may be some spoliers for those who haven’t seen the films mentioned.

I love films, as most people will already know. There’s nothing more I enjoy than having a good old rant about a particularly awful film for an extended period of time. I’ve never gone in to a lot of detail about films that have genuinely moved me and proved to be very thought provoking, so I would like to take this opportunity to talk about the films that have been inspiring and moving for me.

As a strong film fan I’ve always found that even the saddest of films don’t make me cry. I sat through titanic with a face like a spade. I sat through My Sister’s Keeper (involuntarily) and didn’t particularly feel anything. So for someone like me to find them self crying at a film, it strikes me that the film must be very impressive. I’ve only found this with three films; The Lion King, Up and Toy Story 3. The Lion King was for obvious reasons, I’ve already stated in a previous post about how much I love that film so it can’t be a surprise for you to hear that it did have me in tears of both sadness and joy in different places. Toy Story 3 had me tears, not for the scene towards the end with the furnace, but for the very ending. Andy’s speech about all of the characters reignited all of the fond memories I have of Toy Story from a child and just made me feel uplifted by showing me the deeper messages behind the film about human life.

Now Up I’ve saved until last because it was one that came completely out of left field for me. It managed to sneak up on me and make me cry within the first ten minutes. I didn’t expect it, but it gave such an emotional story that just really had me gripped. I was touched my it, I was moved by it and it gave me a connection to the characters almost immediately. Not to mention the amazing soundtrack for the opening scene, consisting of the song “Married Life” by Michael Giacchino, which to this day still makes me emotional when I hear it. It’s not just the opening scene though, I found my self getting teary later with a particular scene concerning the house, because the film had me hooked. I cared about the characters and what happened to them, I knew how much the house meant to the main character so by this point it meant something to me. It was a new experience for me that I doubt will happen again any time soon but it is undoubtedly one that I will never forget.

But it’s not all about films making me cry or an emotional wreck, it’s about the films that made me think. The ones where once I reached the conclusion I was left thinking about life and assessing certain situations. Films such as Cemetery Junction, written brilliantly by Stephen Merchant and Ricky Gervais. I found it was a film that I could relate to because it made me laugh, it was interesting, it was simple, but most of all it made me feel happy. There’s a constant message throughout the film of making something of your life and it did genuinely make me think optimistically and make me want to just go out in to the world and do whatever I wanted. It may not be the best film that’s ever been made, but for me it really meant something because it showed you could make a film that was funny and entertaining, but also moving and thought provoking, which I don’t come across very often.

The next film I have to mention, which some people may be surprised to hear that I like so much but it was one of my favourite films when I was younger and I still hold it close me nowadays; About A Boy. I’m not going into detail about Hugh Grant and his acting ability because in this instance I found him very well suited to the role. A film that had such a simple story about connecting with others and where we are heading in life was enough to make me smile and feel happy for a period of time. Another film which isn’t particularly brilliant or well made, but you know what, I really like it.

The final film I want to mention, which I watched very recently that was inspirational was the new film written by Ken Loach and directed by Paul Laverty entitled The Angel’s Share. It was one of those films that had an underlying message that we only get one life and we’re in control of it, we should make the most of it. Which really stood out to me because it’s something quite rare to find in a modern film, because of all the 3D and special effects which is great and all but at the end of the day if the film made me feel optimistic and moved without being too high tech or flashy, then it wins hands down for me. It was a simplistic film that put a whopping big smile across my face by the end of it with eyes that were bordering on being teary. I was heavily impressed by it to the point of having goosebumps.

So there you have it. The grumpy old man that is symbolic of my opinions and attitudes has been broken down and tested this week. I’ve found myself thinking more about the positives in life rather than just re opening the wounds of the negatives. I’ve always said that being happy all of the time must be so boring, but you know what, being negative all the time is quite boring too. Perhaps my views are starting to change? If so, I’m not sure that it’s a bad thing if I’m honest.

I hope this has been a nice change for those who find my negativity annoying, apologies for not doing something like this sooner, I think it has been long overdue.

So until the next time I shall leave you with the Arab proverb used in Cemetery Junction:

“Throw your heart out in front of you and run ahead to catch it”