Spiders. Not from Mars unfortunately

Spur the moment post that was inspired by a rather odd series of events.

A friend of mine has a spider in her room that is tormenting her, which is very odd considering it is January and very very cold. She is struggling to deal with it and it could be the start of something serious. It is because of this I present to you my top 15 ways to deal with a spider (in no particular order)

1. “accidentally” drop a book on them

2. Build them a house of Lego and the destroy the house with them inside

3. put them on the edge of a toilet and flick them in whilst shouting “This is Sparta!” (or replace Sparta with your current location)

4. Attack with various pieces of stationary, such as pencils, rules etc.

5. use an elastic band to catapult skittles at them

6. drop a Bible on them and say “God works in mysterious ways”

7. throw a toothpick at them as a spear

8. put them in a remote control car and some how cause an accident that wasn’t their fault (no claims available)

9. place them next to a lamp but “accidentally” leave for too long – better known as the ‘sunbed incident’

10. dare them to sky dive off of a curb but don’t supply them with string or an adequate parachute

11. set your phone to vibrate, place next to the spider and then ring it – better known as the ‘earthquake’

12. attack with flip flops

13. Make them listen to “Voodoo Child” by Jimi Hendrix until their mind is blown

14. hold in front of a fan and then let go

15. Place them in a mosh pit and let nature take it’s course

Please leave a comment to say which is your favourite method.

Or least favourite for that matter, I’m not too fussed.

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