“New Year, New Me”

As the book closes on the year 2012 most social networks are being heavily bombarded with new year resolutions and other comments of a similar nature. Most of these are very entertaining to read I must say, but the one comment that really inspired a flame of pessimism in my mind was “New year, New me” (as the title displays). Yes, this over repeated comment that was sprawled on the homepage of every social networking site back in the good old days of 2009 is still being kept alive by the masses. It sounds too much like something Doctor Who would say after regenerating for me to even consider taking seriously. I can understand wanting to have a bit of a fresh start after a dodgy year, or realising that there are elements of your life that could do with improvement, but suggesting that you will change so drastically you will be a completely different person is little too far. 

Why is it at the start of every year we feel the need to change our lifestyle to suit the trends or needs of others? We need to take into consideration how much we change throughout the year, because change is a gradual process, it doesn’t just happen suddenly. It’s not exactly like Big Ben strikes the hour and you’ll change instantly. For a change to happen you have to be committed, not just keep it up for two weeks and slip back into the old routine. Change occurs over a longer period of time and it doesn’t have to be forced upon you suddenly. Of course my respect goes out to those who have genuinely stuck with a new year resolution and changed their life for the better, but it’s not something that everybody has to conform to. Take me for example, I don’t have any new years resolutions because there’s nothing I feel I need to change, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to change in some way or another throughout the year, it doesn’t mean 2013 won’t change me as a person. 

Perhaps it’s just me being negative? who knows. Either way the comments made such as this will be followed by a healthy eating, generous, sober, hard working, perfect example of a human being, before a quick reversal back to a person who was happy with their life as it was. The sales of alcohol, cigarettes and fast food will have a two week decline before they return to their usual popularity, followed swiftly by the hoards of gyms being pressured into returning people’s money for a year membership, hastily paid for in the first week. 

On the other hand of course I do have respect for those who make new year resolutions for a reason and stick to them. My best of luck goes out to those who are going to make a difference in their lives for the new year. 

So happy new year to all and I wish you all luck for the future. But as for me, what’s going to change? My opinions will be posted formally and I might attempt to grow a half decent beard. That’s about it.

Happy new year folks, I wonder how many end of the world theories will emerge.